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Subject Order Issued Date Issued
E*Trade Securities, LLC Administrative Action 01/10/12
E LOAN CAPITAL Administrative Action 04/03/19
E Z Check Cashing Administrative Action 10/02/07
E Z Mortgage Administrative Action 07/13/11
E-Loan, Inc. Administrative Action 03/18/11
E-Star I, L.L.C. Desist and Refrain Order 11/06/15
E-Z Cash Advance Administrative Action 01/03/07
EZ Auto Funding., Inc. Administrative Action 12/30/19
EZ Cash Loan Desist and Refrain Order; Order Voiding Transactions; and Citations 07/01/14
E-Z Payday Loans Administrative Action – Revocation;
Order Setting Aside
Eagle Credit Union Final Order 06/16/14
Eagle Funding. Administrative Action 07/24/08
Eagle Mortgage (CFL) Administrative Action 05/12/10
Eagle Mortgage (CRMLA) Administrative Action 10/22/08
East Bay Conversion and Reinvestment Commission Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #6052244
East Side Lenders, LLC Desist & Refrain 05/06/13
Earning Investment Co. Administrative Action 04/19/06
Earth Energy Exploration, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 07/09/13
Earth Group International Desist & Refrain Order 10/09/02
Earth Lion Productions, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 01/31/06
East Coast Mortgage Corp Administrative Order 07/31/11
East Coast Mortgage and Financial Services, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #603E938
East Side Lenders, LLC aka Eastside Lenders Desist & Refrain 10/22/09
Eastern American Mortgage Company Administrative Order 10/25/07
Eastland, Larry Desist & Refrain Order 08/16/10
Eastman, Justin Desist & Refrain Order 08/16/10
Easton, Jack Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee Listing # 603K186
Eastside Lenders, LLC Desist & Refrain 10/22/09
Eastward Capital Partners IV, L.P. Administrative Action 12/27/17
Eastward Capital Partners V, L.P. Administrative Action 12/27/17
Easy Cash Advance and Check Cashing Administrative Action 10/31/07
Easy Cash for Car LLC Administrative Action 12/27/17
Easy Check Cashing Administrative Action 12/28/07
Easy Equity Management , LP Administrative Action 03/13/12
Easy Loan Funding (Claritza Yvette Chavez, dba) Administrative Order 05/01/09
Easy Money Cash Advance. Administrative Action 12/22/09
Easy Money EMG Administrative Action 11/30/07
Easy Street Financial Group Desist & Refrain Order 04/03/03 Administrative Action 02/03/11 Desist & Refrain Order 05/24/04
Eberle, Barbara Desist & Refrain Order 02/24/03
Eberle, Robert Desist & Refrain Order 02/24/03
E-Care Contact Centers Desist & Refrain Order 03/06/07
EC Financial LLC Administrative Action 12/27/17
ECF Funding LLC Administrative Action 06/08/18
Echelon Escrow, Inc. Administrative Order 09/30/10
ECity, Inc. Order Dismissing Desist & Refrain Order 01/20/12
Eckles, Robert Desist & Refrain Order (Professional Business Strategies) 12/10/10
Eco, Diana aka Maratas, Cynthia aka Ching, Cynthia aka Ching, Diana Desist & Refrain Order 12/29/09
eCommerce Trade Desist & Refrain Order 03/15/05
eCommission Financial Services, Inc. – 603F281
eCommission Financial Services, Inc.  – 603G162
Administrative Order 1/3/2013
Economic Specialties, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 02/24/03
ECXM Enterprises, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 12/24/02
ECXM Services, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 12/24/02
Ed Adam Investments, L.L.C. Administrative Action 05/04/17
Ed Adam Investments and Stock Trades Administrative Action 05/04/17
ED FRAGA Administrative Action 04/03/19
Eddy, James Donovan Desist & Refrain Order 03/05/06
EDF Resource Capital, Inc. Administrative Order 12/6/12
Edge Financial Group Desist & Refrain Order 10/29/14
Edgetee International Pty. Ltd. Desist & Refrain Order 12/16/05
Edgewater Lending Group Administrative Order 04/22/08
EDJ, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 12/04/04
Edson Financial, Inc. Administrative Action 05/07/13
Educational Financial Services, LTD Administrative Action 05/12/10
EDUjudicate Administrative Action 07/24/17
Edwards, David Jerome Desist & Refrain Order 01/12/10
Edwards, Gregory Allen Desist & Refrain Order 01/04/10
Efectivo, LLC Administrative Action 08/12/19
Efficient Escrow, Inc Administrative Order 07/28/09
Efficiency Escrow, Inc. Administrative Order 10/09/13
Efficient Lending Group Administrative Order 12/08/08
Efficient Services Escrow Group Administrative Action – See See licensee file # 963-2549 03/17/14
Efinity Financial Inc. Administrative Action 06/05/18
Egutkina, Leonora Desist & Refrain Order 04/24/14
EJZ Investments, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 04/14/08
Ehbet Marketing Civil Action 10/02/02
Ehmke, Richard Desist & Refrain Order 04/26/10
Ehrlich, Mark L. Civil Action 10/02/02
Egan, Barbara Desist & Refrain Order 01/31/12
Egate, LLC Administrative Action 02/18/20
Eighteen Eight Fine Men’s Salons Desist & Refrain Order 10/23/12
Einbinder, Scott Desist & Refrain Order 01/05/10
Eisenberg, Neil, Barry Desist & Refrain Order 02/04/09
Ejedawe, Clement L.;Rosewood Energy, Inc.;dba Rosewood Energy, LLC; Ashford/Grapeland Joint Venture Desist & Refrain Order 02/15/06
Ejedawe, Clement L. Desist & Refrain Order (Innova Energy) 05/29/08
Ejudicate Administrative Action 07/24/17
Ekholm Wealth Management Desist & Refrain Order; Administrative Action 07/31/14
El Capitan Minerals, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 07/19/07
Elad Motors, Corp Administrative Action 05/14/18
Elam, Dwayne Keith Administrative Action 06/09/17
Elco Oil, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 03/25/08
Elder American Services Desist & Refrain Order 01/18/06
Elder, William F. Desist & Refrain Order 03/25/08
Electric Choice Investments, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 09/13/06
Electronic Processing NW, LLC. Administrative Action 05/23/17
Elender Escrow, Inc. Administrative Order 03/14/08
Elevated Sound Productions, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 09/01/11
Eliasson, Tim Blorck, Trademark INT PTT AB dba HUSSE, and Administrative Action 02/21/20
Elite Associates Ltd. Administrative Action 10/04/16
Elite Auto Finance, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #603K504
Elite Baywood, LP. Desist & Refrain Order 12/10/08
Elite Business Group, LLC. Desist & Refrain Order 02/12/16
Elite Custom Cleaners Desist & Refrain Order 12/28/06
Elite Data Processing, Inc. Administrative Action 04/03/19
Elite Escrow Group, Inc. Administrative Action 09/28/18
Elite Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 02/28/12
Elite Financial, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 01/09/09
Elite Funding Corporation Settlement Agreement 05/07/18
Elite Investments Group, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 12/10/08
Elkinson, Duncan Desist & Refrain Order 07/10/07
Ellerbeck, Allen  Administrative Order 10/12/10
Elli, Robert Desist & Refrain Order 11/09/11
Ellis, Aston Administrative Action 10/10/16
Ellis, Harold Desist & Refrain Order; See Order Withdrawing Desist & Refrain Order for Dicksey Battle and Vernon Battle 10/22/09
Ellis, Joy Desist & Refrain Order 08/11/10
Ellis, Taze Claiborne Desist & Refrain Order 08/11/10
Ellis, Taze Jordan Desist & Refrain Order 08/11/10
Ellison, Mark A. Civil Action 10/02/02
Elltee Financial, Inc. dba Cash Place Administrative Action 05/02/17
El-Maasri, Chucri Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision – OAH No.L2006100864
Elsworth Berg Capital Management, LLC Administrative Action 11/04/10
Embrace Home Loans, Inc. Administrative Order 07/19/10
Emedical Lending, Inc.  Administrative Order 01/10/12
Emerald Mortgage Corp. Administrative Action 10/17/06
Emerald Auto Group, Inc. Administrative Action 11/22/17
Emerigicash/Vashon Desist & Refrain Order 05/13/08
Emerson, Shalice Ann Order Withdrawing Desist & Refrain Order 03/03/11
Emcov International Corporation Civil Action 06/04/12
EMG Acquisition Company Administrative Action 11/30/07
Emico, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 12/23/08
Emigrant Realty Finance California, Inc.
Administrative Order 01/05/11
EMJ Capital Corporation Administrative Action 06/27/17
Empire Alternative Investments, L.P. Administrative Action 08/16/16
Empire Media Marketing, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #603H812
EmpireAmerica, LLC Administrative Action 02/18/10
Empire Equity, LLC Administrative Action 08/15/10
Empire Managed Investments, Inc. Administrative Action 08/16/16
Empire Railcar Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 09/07/05
Emporia Capital Funding, LLC Administrative Order 05/01/09
Encina Equipment Finance, LLC Administrative Order 05/07/09
Encina Equipment Finance SPV, LLC. Administrative Order 05/07/09
Encina Escrow Services Corporation Administrative Action 11/10/04
Encore Pacific Managers, Inc., ; Encore West Condos, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 05/11/09
Encore Releasing Inc. Administrative Action 06/11/19
Endres, Barbara Ann Administrative Action 12/07/17
ENE Elite National Escrow Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #9635094
Energy & Environment, Inc.; Energy & Environmental Investments, LLC Administrative Action 11/08/19
Energy Group of America, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 05/04/06
Energy Marketing Desist & Refrain Order 05/05/06
Energy Production Revenue Fund, LLP Administrative Action and Desist and Refrain Order 02/09/11
Enersen, William aka Davidson, Laura E., Warren, Laura E. and Phillips, Laura; Somatika Incorporated Administrative Action 02/21/20
Engele, Janice Marie Desist & Refrain Order 09/18/03
Engs Commercial Finance Co Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing # 6050516
Enriching Entertainment, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 12/14/06
EnterActual Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 06/04/03
Enterprise Funding Corporation Administrative Order 06/06/12
Enterprises Unlimited Desist & Refrain Order
See also FSD listing #603-2051
Enverto Investment Group, LLC. Administrative Action 07/11/18
EnviroFinance Group, LLC Administrative Action 05/07/13
Environmental Equities Organization, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order *01/24/02
Environmental Resource Group, LLC, USA aka Environmental Resource Group and ERG Administrative Action 05/15/17
Environmental Resource Group and ERG Administrative Action 05/15/17
Environmental Solutions Products, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 03/19/14
Environmentalal Soil Sciences, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 11/09/06 Desist & Refrain Order *01/24/02
EOFS Mortgage Services Administrative Order 12/08/08
EOS Lending Services, LLC  Administrative Action 12/01/10
EPG International, LLC, EPG Int’l LLC-Hawaii Desist & Refrain Order 11/01/11
Epifany Properties, Inc Administrative Action 08/23/16
Epix Funding Group Administrative Action 06/23/10
EPlay Investments LLC, EPlay Investments 2 LLC, EPlay, LLC Civil Action, See also MPG, LLC 08/31/09
Epsha, Christopher P. Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision OAH No.2009061109
EQ Finance Administrative Action 05/12/10
EquiCity Financial, LLC Administrative Action 08/18/08
Equilane Lending, LLC Administrative Action
See also CFL licensee listing #60DBO-88682
Equiloan, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #603L150
Equinox Securities, Inc. Administrative Action 09/23/16
Equihome Mortgage Administrative Action 09/07/07
Equine Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #9632532
Equipment Leasing Group of America, LLC Administrative Action 05/23/19
Equishare Properties Desist & Refrain Order 04/21/05
Equishare Properties, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 04/21/05
Equistar Financial Services Administrative Action 05/12/10
Equita Financial Desist & Refrain Order 08/13/13
Equity & Property Solutions, Inc Desist & Refrain Order 09/17/07
Equity Capital Funding, Corp. Administrative Order 05/01/09
Equity Concepts San Diego Desist & Refrain Order 02/23/09
Equity Direct Mortgage Corporation Administrative Order 12/08/08
Equity Funders Inc Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #603B203
Equity Personnel Administrative Action 04/18/11
Equity Trust Escrow, Inc.; Altamirano, Iris; Vasquez, Yami aka Vasquez, Yamileth Administrative Action 01/08/20
ER Quick, Inc. Administrative Action 05/09/19
Erdtsieck Financial Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 01/24/06
Erickson, Alexander W. Desist & Refrain Order 04/24/14
Erickson, Gilmore E. Desist & Refrain Order 04/24/14
Erickson, William Desist & Refrain Order 04/24/14
Ernest Campbell & Winthrop aka Ernest Campbell & Winthop Financial Trust Administrative Action 12/07/10
Erudition Financial Services, Erudition Real Estate Investments Administrative Action 05/12/10
Ervin, Jon Desist & Refrain Order 05/01/08
Escalante, Karla Administrative Action 03/01/18
Escalante, Jorge Administrative Action 03/01/18
Escalante, Sandra Desist & Refrain Order 05/04/04
Escareno, Joe Desist & Refrain Order 03/25/02
Eschbach, Victor Civil Action 06/12/02
Escobar, Arlene June Administrative Action 07/30/18
Escrow America, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 02/11/05
Escrow Avenue, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD Licensee Listing #963-2347
Escrow and Mortgage Temporary Specialists, Inc Desist & Refrain Order 08/15/07 Desist & Refrain Order 03/18/09
Escrow Chalet, Inc. Administrative Order 09/07/11
Escrow Cheque Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 03/16/06
Escrow Company (The) Administrative Order 02/10/09
Escrow Control Company Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision – OAH No.N2001060004
Escrow Closing Services (license surrendered on April 28, 2009) Administrative Action 10/03/07
Escrow Diversified Administrative Action 12/05/07
Escrow Link Administrative Action 09/07/11
Escrow Mall (The) Administrative Action 08/10/10
Escrow Nation Administrative Action 07/22/09
Escrow of the West Administrative Action (Palomares) 05/10/11
Escrow Network Group Administrative Action 08/09/09
Escrow Palace, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD Licensee Listing #963-1992
Escrow People (The) Administrative Action 07/08/09
Escrow Source (The) Administrative Action 05/26/10
Escrow Street, Inc., aka, Escrow Street Desist & Refrain Order 09/25/09
Escrow Technologies, Inc. Administrative Action, see also Hance, Roger D. 11/29/11
Escrow USAm Desist & Refrain Order 02/11/05
Escrow Works Corp Desist & Refrain Order 03/23/06 Desist & Refrain Order 12/31/04 Desist & Refrain Order 02/11/05 Desist & Refrain Order 05/04/04 Desist & Refrain Order 03/16/06 Desist & Refrain Order;
Rescinding order for Catherine Thorpe only)
05/20/04 Desist & Refrain Order 04/20/05
Escrownova, Inc. Administrative Action 07/25/11
EscrowQuick, Inc. Administrative Action 11/14/19
Escrows, Inc. Administrative Order 03/15/11
Escrows Online, Inc. Administrative Order 08/27/09
Escrows Unlimited Administrative Action 01/26/11 Desist & Refrain Order 04/14/05 Desist & Refrain Order 04/19/05 Desist & Refrain Order 12/31/04 Desist & Refrain Order 01/11/05
ESN Insurance Services Network, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order;
See also Stipulated Settlement and Order
ESP Financial Services, LLC Administrative Action 04/23/14
Esparza Real Estate, Inc. Administrative Action 10/30/18
Esparza, Sergio Desist & Refrain Order 07/30/07
Esparza-Diaz, Maria Elena  Administrative Action 12/08/10
Espitia, Christina Administrative Action ; see also Lic. Number 963-2596 10/04/13
Espinosa, Bob Desist & Refrain Order 05/07/03
Espinoza, David Alejandro Administrative Action 03/01/18
Espinosa, Rob Desist & Refrain Order 05/07/03
Espinosa, Robert Desist & Refrain Order 05/07/03
Espinoza, Alexa Desist & Refrain Order 10/23/12
Espinoza, Jose Administrative Action 07/07/10
Espinoza, Yesenia Administrative Action 07/07/10
Espiridion, Cristobal Desist & Refrain Order 11/17/09
Espiritu, Alan Desist & Refrain Order 11/25/09
Esquire Capital Administrative Order 02/18/15
Esquivel, Daniel Administrative Action 11/02/17
ESR Lending Administrative Order 12/08/09
ESS Environmental, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 11/09/06
Essential Escrow Services, Inc. Administrative Action 09/20/08
EST Capital Group, Inc. Administrative order 12/10/15
Estate Escrow Desist & Refrain Order 05/24/05
Estate Financial, LLC Administrative Actionr 04/28/08
Estate Financial Mortgage Fund, LLC Administrative Action 04/28/08
Estrada, Cesar David. Administrative Action 01/23/09
Estrada, Naomi aka Estrada, Neomi Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision – OAH No.L2007050852
Etches, Austin Desist & Refrain Order 05/28/15
Etekcapital, LLC Administrative Order 05/01/09
Eternity Homes and Loans Administrative Action 05/12/10
Etravelmeals, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 08/13/07
ETTAW Stock Investment Club Desist & Refrain Order 03/20/02
ETTAW, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 03/20/02
Etter, Marquita Denise Desist & Refrain Order 10/04/07 Desist & Refrain Order 01/18/05
Eureka Education Desist & Refrain Order 07/20/06
Eureka Shalom Business Ventures Desist & Refrain Order 08/07/07
Euro International Mortgage, Inc.
Administrative Order 09/14/11
Eurobrand, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order; Civil Action 02/06/06 Desist & Refrain Order 02/10/05
EurOrient Financial Group, LTD Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision – OAH No.2009050861
03/23/09 Desist & Refrain Order 12/31/04
Euzarragants, David H. Desist & Refrain Order 11/21/11
Even Financial Inc. Administrative Action 06/20/19
Evangelical Christian Credit Union Administrative Action 06/10/13
Evanston Escrow, Inc. Administrative Order 07/25/12
Everest Capital Group, Inc. Administrative Order 05/01/09
Everest Cash Advance Desist & Refrain Order 05/13/11
Everett Investment Club Desist & Refrain Order 05/31/02
Everett, Mark Desist & Refrain Order 05/31/02
Everhart, Steven Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision – OAH No.L2007020013
Evofi One Administrative Action 09/21/10
Evolve Mortgage Services, LLC Administrative Action
See also FSD Licensee Listing #’s 603K105 and 603K327
04/03/19 Desist & Refrain Order 03/23/06
Ewen, Suzanne R
See also South Bay Escrow, Co
Administrative Action 02/28/18
EWorld Partners Desist & Refrain Order 12/18/06
Eworld Partners, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 12/18/06 Desist & Refrain Order 12/18/06
Excel Escrow Administrative Order 09/13/07
Exceed Companies LLC Administrative Action 05/29/18
Excellence in Economic Investment Opportunities Administrative Action 12/06/07
Excellence Team Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 12/17/08
Exciting Windows, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 09/15/07
Executive Escrow Company Administrative Action
See also FSD Licensee Listing #963-0108
Executive Financial Services Desist & Refrain Order 07/06/05
Executive Financial Services (EFS), LLC Desist & Refrain Order 07/06/05
Executive Funding UT, Inc. Administrative Action 12/22/05
Executive Home Finance Corporation Administrative Action 02/14/11
Executive Marketing Group, LLC. Administrative Action 12/08/15
Executive Mortgage Administrative Action 09/13/10
Executive Mortgage Group (CFL) Administrative Order 05/01/09
Executive Mortgage Group (CRMLA Administrative Order ) 04/02/09
Executive Realty; Executive Realty & Mortgage Group Administrative Order (CFL) 05/01/09
Executive Resources, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 01/14/05
Executive World Corp. Administrative Order 04/02/09
Exodus Capital Management, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 02/15/08
Express Cash, Broadmore Ventures, The Loan Shop, Xpress Cash, Westbury Ventures, Plaza Processing, ASAP, PD6 Ventures, DMS Marketing, and LTS Management Desist & Refrain Order 07/27/07
Express Cash Administrative Action 10/02/07
Express Cash Advance Desist & Refrain Order 06/02/05
Express Cash and Loan, Inc. Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision – OAH No.N2007070465
Express Cash Network, Inc Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #1004325
Express Consolidation, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 07/15/08
Express Mortgage Services, LLC Administrative Action 05/12/10
Express One Mortgage Corp Administrative Order 12/08/09 Desist & Refrain Order 03/15/05 Desist & Refrain Order 12/31/04
Extraordinary Films, Ltd. Desist & Refrain Order 01/16/02
Eye Pocket Media, Inc. Administrative Action 11/13/15
EZ-Escrow, Desist & Refrain Order 08/16/12
EZ Finance, LLC Administrative Action 03/18/11
EZ Financial Service Desist & Refrain Order 10/28/10
EZ Fundings Inc. Administrative Action 04/03/19
EZ Loan Lookup Desist & Refrain Order 03/24/11
EZ Mart Check Cashing, Inc. Administrative Action 08/30/10
EZ Mortgage Banc, Inc. Administrative Action 08/27/18
Ez2Win.Biz Desist & Refrain Order 10/23/06
Ez2Win.Biz Desist & Refrain Order 05/02/07
ezWireless, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 11/02/06

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