DBO – Call Report – Second Quarter 2017 – Trust Companies

June 30, 2017


Subject: SECOND CALL 2017

Steps to Download and File Call Report Forms

1. To begin, open http://www.dbo.ca.gov/forms/trust_companies/default.asp in your Web browser. Alternatively, to navigate to the form from the DBO home page, www.dbo.ca.gov, click on “Regulated Industries” in the top navigation bar, then click “Trust Companies and Departments” and then click “Trust Company and Department Forms.”

2. Scroll down the page and locate the links to the following forms. For each form there is a link to an Excel workbook. For your convenience, links to the forms are also provided below:

  • Form 502 – Report of Condition – (http://www.dbo.ca.gov/forms/trust_companies/Form502.xls
  • Form 505 – Schedule T – (http://www.dbo.ca.gov/forms/trust_companies/Form505.xls
  • Form 524 – Report of Income (http://www.dbo.ca.gov/forms/trust_companies/Form524.xls)

3. Click on the link to the Form 502 – Report of Condition. If the file/download box appears on your screen, click the “Open” button to open the form.

4. Enter the “Department of Business Oversight number” in the appropriate place on the report. For your convenience, a list of Department of Business Oversight numbers can be found at http://www.dbo.ca.gov/Licensees/trust_companies/trust_companies_directory.asp.

5. Complete filling in the form. Name it Form502.xls and save it to a familiar location on your computer. Repeat the process with Form 505 and Form 524.

6. Print out and keep a signed, executed hard copy of the form in a file at your trust company.

Preparing the Call Report Forms.
Links to the instructions for preparation of the form are provided below:

  • Form 502 – Report of Condition – (http://www.dbo.ca.gov/forms/trust_companies/Form502Instructions.pdf)
  • Form 505 – Schedule T – (http://www.dbo.ca.gov/forms/trust_companies/Form505Instructions.pdf)
  • Form 524 – Report of Income – (http://www.dbo.ca.gov/forms/trust_companies/Form524Instructions.pdf)

If you have issues regarding accessing, inputting to or emailing the form, contact Patrick Carroll at patrick.carroll@dbo.ca.gov or by telephone at (415) 263-8559. Please contact Thomas Egu at (213) 897-2170 or by email at thomas.egu@dbo.ca.gov or Cecilia Fuentes at (213) 897-5345 or by email at cecilia.fuentes@dbo.ca.gov with any questions about completing these reports.

Submitting the Call Report Forms

After you have prepared the reports, send the completed reports as email attachments to callreport@dbo.ca.gov. Please put the name of your institution and the call date in the subject line of your message. Keep a signed, executed copy in a file at the trust company Reports must be emailed by Monday, July 31, 2017, within 30 days from the reporting date.

Signature Requirements

Although trust companies may now send in their call report forms as email attachments instead of hard copies, a signed, executed hard copy of each call report form must be kept in a file at the trust company. This file must be available upon request to examiners during the course of a trust examination.

Call Report Amendments

Trust companies making amendments to the call report must continue to send a copy of the amendment to this office, as well as file a hard copy of the amendment in the call report file at the trust company. Amendments may be made in Excel format as email attachments.
We appreciate your cooperation in furnishing us with accurate information in a timely manner.

Very truly yours,
Jan Lynn Owen
Commissioner of Financial Institutions

Patrick C. Carroll
Strategic Support Manager