Community Development and Affairs

Community affairs programs help meet the needs of a community by encouraging financial institutions to develop strategies to invest in the communities they serve.

  • Bank on California - The Bank On California initiative helps Californians open a bank or credit union account and start saving for the future. California is lauded as the first state in the nation to launch the initiative seeking to guide the unbanked into the financial mainstream.
  • California Financial Literacy Month (CAFLM) - April has been designated California Financial Literacy Month (CAFLM) to highlight the importance of financial literacy and economic empowerment and to encourage all Californians to increase their understanding of saving, investing and credit choices. As a statewide public awareness effort, CAFLM is an opportunity for businesses and organizations to highlight their current financial literacy efforts or become involved in this important effort to make financial literacy education a priority. Locate resources including financial education programs for all ages and tools to help you participate in California Financial Literacy Month.
  • Community Development at the FRBSF -  The SF Fed’s community development team works with a wide range of organizations to create economic opportunity for lower income Americans.
  • Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (the CDFI Fund) - The CDFI Fund plays an important role in generating economic growth and opportunity in some of our nation’s most distressed communities.
  • FDIC Alliance for Economic Inclusion (AEI)- The Alliance for Economic Inclusion (AEI) is the FDIC's national initiative to establish broad-based coalitions of financial institutions, community-based organizations and other partners in several markets across the country to bring all unbanked and underserved populations into the financial mainstream.
  • FDIC Economic Inclusion - Highlights the FDIC’s economic inclusion initiatives in one place, including the Advisory Committee on Economic Inclusion, AEI initiatives and the Money Smart program.  It also features the FDIC’s national survey of unbanked and underbanked households with easy access to data at the national, state and MSA levels.
  • National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions - Helps community development credit unions (CDCUs) provide affordable loans, secure savings, basic financial education and other vital services to low-income and minority consumers. NFCDCU serves as an intermediary for banks and thrifts interested in making deposits in CDCUs.
  • Partnership for Progress - Partnership for Progress is a Federal Reserve System program created to preserve and promote minority-owned institutions and enhance their ability to thrive in an increasingly competitive banking environment.