Consumer Alerts - 2017

  • Vanguard Group LLC” fraudulently purporting to be well-known securities broker Vanguard (07/10/17)

    The DBO has been notified that a company – using the names “Vanguard Group LLC” and “Advantage fin,” the websites and (currently defunct), the email, and the address 12100 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles – is claiming to be licensed by the DBO and is using the icon and name of well-known securities broker Vanguard.

    The long-established Vanguard holds many licenses with DBO and other state and national regulators. 

    The “Vanguard Group LLC” appears to be a scam, and not affiliated with the known and licensed Vanguard.  Please beware.  DBO encourages you to check with the known Vanguard at before doing business with any companies appearing to be related.

    Consumers also can check on the licensing status of broker-dealers by visiting the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA’s) online broker check at, or calling the DBO’s Consumer Services Office at (866) 275-2677.

  • “Frank Oliviera,” “America Trust Escrow” and “Oakwood Escrows” Falsely Claim to be DBO Licensees in Fraudulent Craigslist Ads (6/27/17)

    The Department of Business Oversight (DBO) has been notified of an individual, “Frank Oliviera” doing business as several companies falsely claiming to be DBO escrow licensees “Oakwood Escrow Inc.” and “American Trust Escrow.”

    The perpetrators are using the names “America Trust Escrow,” “Oakwood Escrows,” “Oakwood Escrow Management,” “Oakwood Escrow Finances,” “Frank Oliviera,” “Frank Oliveri,” “Pablo B. Vazquez” and “Pablo Burgara Vazquez.”  They also are using the email addresses “” and “”

    These individuals or entities post Craigslist ads offering rental properties in states across the country including Ohio, California, Hawaii and Indiana.  When a potential victim responds, they are asked for personal information and to send an up-front payment.  These individuals/entities are NOT licensed by the DBO.  The website advertised is NOT a valid website, and should not be confused with the legitimate DBO licensees’ websites:, and

    The DBO encourages consumers to beware of any solicitations asking for advance fees, including these increasingly-common Craigslist rental property advance fee scams. 
    To check whether an escrow company or other financial service provider is licensed by the DBO, or to file a complaint, go to the DBO website at or call 1-866-275-2677.

  • MOCO’ or ‘MOCO Credit of California’ Not Licensed by DBO (2/15/2017)

    The Department of Business Oversight (DBO) has been notified of an entity calling itself “MOCO” or “MOCO Credit of California” or “MOCO (dba Lending Street of California),” and a related Individual “Moses David” with email address, who are offering loans to consumers, falsely claiming to hold a lender’s license with DBO.  The entities are also presenting falsified licensing documents with the DBO seal and staff signatures to pass themselves off to consumers as a legitimate lender.  None of these entities or individuals is licensed by the DBO.

    The DBO advises individuals who have received lending solicitations from any of these entities or persons to file a complaint with DBO.  Complaints may be filed online via the DBO website here: